Dye Transfer is Going Away!

Here's How You Can Order Prints on Layaway

I've closed my darkroom. I've exhausted my supply of dye transfer paper. In the future I'll printing printing strictly digitally. (...and loving it!)

++ Quite a few of my works are already unavailable, because I don't have any dye transfer prints left. In many other cases, I only have one dye transfer print.

++ The dye transfer prints I have will skyrocket in price once I do up a proper inventory. I can guarantee that the last dye transfer print of a photograph will be priced well north of $5,000.

You can order prints on layaway if you don't wish (or can't afford) to make a purchase outright. Layaway guarantees you the print you want from my dwindling inventory, even if you can't purchase work outright. It also locks in the price. Other print prices may rise over the course of the layaway, but you get the prints you ordered for the price they were when your layway plan started.

Start paying me $200 per month for each large print you desire to purchase ($75 per month for each small one) and I will set those prints aside for you. When you've paid off the plan I will send you the prints.

Please note: This is not a savings plan, this is a binding contract to buy work. Layaway payments are not refundable if you change your mind.

Please read the Q&A's below for complete details. If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail me.

It's been a great four decades, folks! Here's to the next four.

Thanks for your support!

Questions and Answers

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