"The Red Chair" TOP Print Sale

(This sale ran from 10 AM, Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 until 10 AM, PST, on Saturday, February 27)

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"The Red Chair" by Mike Johnston

Please follow these two steps when placing your order:

1. Send me an email. Please use this link.This is how I track orders, and this link will insure the email gets routed to the right mailbox. Thanks!

The email should contain your order information in this order:

• Whether you are buying a signed or unsigned print

• The amount you're paying

• Your postal mailing address, exactly as it should appear on the mailing label. I copy this into a database, so plain text, please — no HTML or fancy formatting and don't indent or tab lines. Use English characters only (the USPS mail label software doesn't understand characters in other languages or diacritical marks). This will make it much easier for me to enter the address into the USPS software.

In other words, your email should look something like this:

          signed print


          42 Skyline Drive
          Daly City CA 94015

This e-mail is what I use to record and track your purchase. If I do not get an e-mail with all this information, you don't have an order! Please, do NOT put this information in your PayPal order; it needs to be in an e-mail to me.

2. Place your order via PayPal by using the buttons below. I'll send you a confirmation email after I get both your order and your PayPal payment. I will only accept checks (drawn on US banks) if it is impossible for you to use PayPal. (Note: "Impossible" does not mean "I don't-like/refuse-to-use PayPal.") The prices on the buttons include ALL shipping and handling charges, which are the same for anywhere in the world, in or out of the US. If you are ordering within California, please use the buttons in the right-hand column, which include California sales tax. Everyone else, please use the left-hand column.

All orders will ship within 60 days of the close of sale. You'll get a notification from the Post Office when your order ships. If you do not get your confirmation email within 48 hours of completing your order, please contact me. If you haven't received a shipping notification or your order by April 25, also please contact me.

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