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Saturday, 16 June 2007


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Ctein's article is nicely done. Bill captures images in way that are breathtaking. One day I hope to be in a position to take a workshop under him. During a web search i found a short video clip of Bill that I found interesting, too: http://www.imaginginsider.com/ii_atkinson.html. Thanks, Ctein.

I bought a copy of Bill's 'Within The Stone' as soon as it arrived in the bookstores. The tones and saturations of the colors are fantastic, I never tire of looking at the images. I have attempted to photograph rock my self, but there is no comparison. As I was writing this I remembered that a magazine, I think it may have been Outdoor Photographer, had an article on Bill's book. There was also a photo of the camera setup he used for the photography. I have to agree that this is one book you don't want to pass up getting.


Michael Reichmann's "Luminous Landscape Video Journal #16" features an interview with Bill in which he discusses this work and how the book's images came to look so much better than the usual grade of published image. The video is not free but at least you can download them.

What I find curious is, how can a mechanical and in constant movement machine as printing press, which is usually printing all the time various jobs of probably very different characteristics, be profiled, and keep consistency enough till you print the final run for the profile to be precise. I suppose the best way would be to have the press for yourself, profile it, the have it waiting still for your run. A luxury I would love to have.
For practical reasons (and economy) I target the contract proof. The perfect contract proof. That will take me to a 90% match.

This is one of the few photography books that said "have to buy now" when first viewed. I don't know the finer points of printing, but when seen it is evident.

Trust me (like you really would), run, don't walk to get your copy before they are gone.

It's a shame Bill doesn't ship outside of North America :(

But I was able to order it from Amazon.co.uk :)

Looking forward to it arriving now.

Those of us who don't live in the USA needn't bother — no international shipping.

I suspect Bill doesn't want to ship outside of N. America simply because he has a lot of claims on his time and he'd have to go to the P.O. and fill out customs forms. It's a real PITK (pain in the katuschka). Plus, with the recent postage rate changes, overseas shipping for books just got a whole lot more expensive than it used to be.

If you're outside the USA, try Amazon. It's cheaper anyway.


Dear Folks,

I talked to Bill this evening, and he's been having email problems. a certain percentage of mail to BOTH his email addresses has been getting lost or blocked. Your best bet when emailing him, for the next several weeks, is to CC mail to both his addresses, bill@billatkinson.com and bill@natureimages.com , and hope that one of them gets through.

Also, he confirms that his high-density-ink 4-color printing has a larger color gamut than Hexachrome. The extra high densities he can achieve with each color give him a larger color space than Hexachrome's standard-density inks.

pax / Ctein

Ctein is absolutly right. The best gift you can give yourself is to take a workshop with Bill and Charles Cramer. I did and my image optimization and printing improved immensely. (Before the workshop I had already won several print competitions, including a Gold-Best of Show out of 500 entries.) I had the oportunity to stand there and watch Bill autograph my copy of "With in the Stone"!
Do it--take a Bill/Charles workshop and buy the book!

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