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Monday, 23 July 2007


That's just TOO funny! I hope that the person who set up the computer wasn't in the IT department....

Haha, marvellous!

Wonderful choice in colour!

It seems to me that you could have changed the screen saver parameters *without* administrator access. Usually even restricted users can do *that* much. But that was a very benign (and clever) hack!

Also, Ctein, do you guys stand around and compare badge length? I don't think I have ever seen a badge that long at a convention before!

I really have no idea why this is on this blog. I can't figure out why I read it.

Dear Keith,

Yeah, I don't think we wound up doing anything a regular user could not have done. I thought about password-protecting the screensaver (that would've been admin level), but then they'd have had to go to some real work to undo it, and that would have been mean, not nice.

Banner ribbons are a relatively new thing. Useful for ID--ing certain kinds of participants. Also have become popular for little throw-away messages. I don't have very many, truth!

pax / Ctein

Dear Paul,

Q: "I really have no idea why this is on this blog."

A: Because Mike indulged me this one time. Probably for the same reason there was a post about audio CD's not that long ago. Editorial privs.

Q: " I can't figure out why I read it."

A: 1) You're my biggest fan.

2) You find my prose and wit irresistable.

3) You instantly fell in love with my handsome visage.

4) You like train wrecks.

pax / Ctein

Here I am up on an island in Maine with sloooow dialup avoiding most things technical -- with the exception, of course, of a couple of dSLRs and a few choice lenses -- and I find myself laughing loud enough to call all the moose for 3 miles around at this story of the Perfect Graceful Hack. Wonderful !

HaHa - more funny is that middle-aged Geek humor still revolves around juvenile pranks incorporating insider jokes...indearing, really.

'All your base are belong to us' indeed...:-)

Dear wtlloyd,

An astute observation. The best hacking is play. It's inherently child-like (not childish) activity. One could have just as easily put up a message that said, "Dear IT Manager, please secure your system against intrusion."

But it would have been so much less fun!

pax / playful Ctein

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