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Thursday, 23 October 2008


Should we have gotten an ack. from Ctein? I sent an email, but never heard anything.

Dear Zandr & Mike,

No, I'm not sending out ACKs, so don't worry if you haven't gotten one.

Incentives are a two-edged sword. If the incentive is not something people care about, it will disincline them to offer to participate. Asking people to volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts has no such downside. It does carry its own risks-- it precludes offering an incentive later unless that incentive is retroactive to everyone. Coming up with a positive incentive that's meaningful to enough people and I can apply to everyone isn't economically feasible.

A negative incentive is just plain bad business and bad for my reputation. I'm already telling people I can't meet the promise I made; now they're supposed to swallow that *I* am going to penalize *THEM* if they don't agree to some post-sale term I unilaterally impose on them?

This is not a way to win friends, though it will influence people [wry smile]. It's never been the way I've run my business or my life.

Depending upon the kindness of others works remarkably well. Around 60% of the 450 people who ordered work will have to receive their prints after Xmas. So far, about 45% have volunteered. So I only need about another 70 volunteers.

If I don't get that many, I'll start sending out personal appeals, working backwards from the last orders. That's the next to last resort, because it's time-consuming. The last resort, if that doesn't work, is I'll email people letting them know I'll have to refund their order if they can't accept late delivery, again working backwards. Hopefully it won't come to that; there will be some hard feelings I'm sure.

pax / Ctein
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