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Tuesday, 06 January 2009



Here's hoping that the light is a few dollars ahead, to start what may be a very difficult year for the "art" types; non art types too.

I'm pessimistacally pessimistic.

An aside: I didn't buy either yours or Mikes print offers due to lack of funding, not lack of interest. Say la Vee.


If I may politely be so blunt as to inquire, what are you going to do with the revenue generated by your labors? Going to get a camera? or a lens? If you're undecided, I vote both.
Best wishes,

The image is quite wonderful.

I really appreciate that you brought it into affordability for me.

I'm glad you printed with a large border. Although the outer package was undamaged it had obviously stopped quite suddenly at some point on its journey. The print pushed against the tape holding the protective sandwich together and suffered a bit of tear/crinkle on one edge.

Perhaps the sandwich pieces should be a bit bigger, and fold over each other.

I hope I'm the only one, and as I say, it's unlikely to matter in any likely framing.


Dear Moose,

First, and most important, if you are in any way unhappy with the state of the print, you can return it to me and I will be happy to replace it with a fresh one.

That said, this is the first report I've received of damage to the contents. (If any other recipients noticed any *internal* damage of any sort, please e-mail me. It will be very useful for me to find out how this packing method fared.) That is rather better than I expected; about 250 folks have received their orders, and I was willing to accept a 1% loss rate on that.

More elaborate and secure packing would substantially increase the time and cost involved in shipping and handling. It's more cost-effective for me to replace a scant handful of orders, if need be, than to make absolutely sure 100% of them get through safely.

~ pax \ Ctein
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