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Friday, 08 October 2010


Will be there!

I hope it's okay to mention that I'll be at the opening tonight -- and would be happy to meet any other TOPpers who make it.

Quite okay!


Mike, have you considered a Ctein bobble head promotion?

I think it would work.

And another very cool photograph!

Dear Folks,

And the fun doesn't end tonight. The MPC tells me there are still two seats open in the Introduction to Restoration workshop I'll be running tomorrow, and Tuesday evening I'll be giving a lecture--"The Once and Future Color Print"

I'm gonna be soooooooooo tired...

pax / Ctein

hm, couldn't attend, although I was only 4359.1 miles away. Greetings!

Whats wrong with John Camp's lens? It is showing a lot of color fringing and the resolution fall off at the edge is real bad and is that a big air bubble in the front element at the bottom?

Great picture but how can a plastic magnifying glass with so much chromatic aberration allow a true appreciation of the quality of Ctein's prints or his beard?

I keed, I keed...


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