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Wednesday, 09 November 2011


One option is missing: I can't be bothered to participate in this poll because it requires Flash.

(I am well aware that writing this comment took way more time that switching to my Flash-enabled browser would have, but still, I'm trying to make a point.)

And how often do you want him to write about photography-related topics?

Somehow I am not allowed to vote for all three options! I want Ctein to bend the rules of space and time and write more often about photography, more often OT, and still maintain the status quo. That's what I want!

Reading Ctein is always enjoyable, and many time I understand what he is saying.
I say let him write what ever he wants.

Ctein can write whatever he likes. It's always enjoyable. And after that remark about the Rubensesque soprano and her final hemidemisemiquavers, I think he should be declared a national treasure.

I'm a regular reader, so I voted - but I have to say that although the directly relevant ones are obviously important on a blog which is after all about photography, it's often the articles which have no direct connection that actually go to the heart of something photography is really all about. Focusing on 'directly relevant' would mean missing out on some of the things that are really most relevant of all. So... status quo, please!

Having the pleasure of talking to Ctein and benefited from his advice a couple times, definitely the status quo is just fine.

Mike could you please clarify the questions in the first survey? I know you're trying to be humourous but the first and last questions/statements are simply confusing.

Ctien's posts may not be directly about photography, but they at least orthogonal to the subject and are interesting to read.

Just because this is a photography oriented blog, doesn't mean that every post must only be photography.

WTF?? If you need to ask, you will never know.

Is the peanut gallery throwing beer bottles again?

Thanks for asking.

Dear Mike,

This poll contains a factual error:

Ivory soap is only 99 and 44/100 percent pure.

(and didn't you always wonder what was in that other 0./56%?)

pax / numerate Ctein

(Turn on satire alert)

Geeze, Mike, another poll? You just ran one on this topic on Thursday, 23 July 2009...

(Turn off satire alert).

Seriously - Ctein can write whatever the heck he wants, it's always interesting even when he delves into math I can't follow.

The only improvement I would request on the entire site is to have Amazon work out a method wherein I can purchase Kindle books directly from the Kindle and credit TOP rather than go through the TOP link. Most times I'm not near the computer when I want to download a book and TOP loses out on a line item sale.



I am still waiting for the series about printing. I remember bad or are there an article pendent about advanced printing?

I didn't vote on the second poll because I expect to be interested by Ctein's articles because he is an intelligent person with a breadth of experience and interesting, sometimes challenging ideas. Who am I to try to influence what comes off his keyboard?
By the by, this applies even more to your items, Mike. Usually I'm interested in the photographic content, but I'm always interested in your ideas and the articulate and literate way you present them. I read TOP from end to end (top to bottom?) daily,usually with interest and pleasure, but your Sunday off-topic essays are guaranteed to engage me -- even if it's usually a one-sided conversation it has the quality of "shooting the breeze" with a treasured friend. Usually I talk photography with my photographic acquaintances, but with my photographic friends, the conversation may go anywhere and is invariably worthwhile.

another Flash abstainer here; i have worked with several free survey tools that do not require Flash

Dear hernan,

There's another INTRODUCTION-to-digital-printing article to be done, but no article series on advanced printing. Sorry.

pax / Ctein

In my experience also positively charged unrelated or irrelevant particles can excite the grey matter through quantal leaps of association causing directly relevant thoughtactivity.

That's what I love about Cteins articles in particular, and TOP in general.

=:o) Gert F Hansen

high approval rating... most politicians would kill for such stats.

I haven't come across an article Ctein has written that I didn't enjoy, and I re-read some of them, too. Keep the status quo - always interesting and/or entertaining.


As far as I'm concerned just let him keep on as he is. Ctein's OT posts and your own Sunday Sermons and other OT posts etc help humanise the site and are a big part of it's charm!

I don't read top on my computer any more, so no access to flash. Ctein can write whatever he wants . It's usually interesting.

Status quo, continue please? I loved the physics stuff.

He is at his best when he talks about dye transfer and traditional processes. I think he tends to get a bit pedantic and skewed when he ventures over to the digital side.

Ctein's articles that are not about photography are more about photography than most articles that purport to be about photography. Carry on.

I don't understand the poll. Unless, that is, it is some sort of a complicated bet between you two. I voted anyway. Let us know who wins. And why.

Eh, no flash on my ipad or other 'computers' within easy reach. You really need a non-flash service to reach everyone, especially since mobile flash has been killed by adobe this week.

Anyway, err.. I vote that Ctein doesn't write enough. Period. :)

I don't know how often Ctein writes about photography, but as far as I'm concerned, he should keep doing as he pleases.

Ctein's always good; I say let him do whatever he feels like.

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