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Saturday, 03 November 2012


Wow, two of my favorite internet photo inspiration-types in one room. Wish I was back east for this one! Have fun, to whomever attends.

I have been following your posts re B&W vs. color with interest. Unless I have missed a post or two, have you considered the Leica Monochrom? If so, what are your thoughts? From what I've read so far, it should solve a lot of problems for dedicated B&W enthusiasts. Like many of your followers, I started out in B&W, yet also shot a lot of Kodachrome. I miss the hands on experience of developing & printing, yet at my age I feel I do not want to devote so much time in processing. I'd rather be shooting while I still can see. The Monochrom may be a solution.

Dang the one night i have something else to attend,
Toronto is a one hour GO Transit train ride east and then hop on the Yonge Subway, get off at Bloor
(yes can remeber riding streetcars on Bloor) and walk to the pub.

Does he ever do one of these informal meet-ups near San Francisco, near where he lives? :-)

I look forward to meeting Ctein and only a few subway stops from where i live.

Argh. I live within walking distance--but I'll be in Vegas all week.

Dear Richard,


pax / Ctein

It was an enjoyable evening. I had hoped to see some dye transfer, but that was not to be. Seeing Ctein's inkjet prints was a useful benchmark in looking at mine with a more critical eye.

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