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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Somehow I don't anticipate he's going to write that orange pekoe is to tea as 50mm lenses are to photography, often derided, but...

I had to look up "psittacine".

Just to keep this off-topic non-post off topic, I very much enjoy a tea-like drink made from the guayusa plant. My current approach is two cups of good coffee in the morning, then two cups of guayusa in the early afternoon. Smells like marijuana when it brews too, for those who like that smell. It's supposed to be loaded with anti-oxidants, but these days it seems like everything short of a cup of bleach is advertised as loaded with anti-oxidants.

I'm Photography / motorcycles / science fiction / dreadful puns / How things should be made / Mac

I'm more Real ale or bulk tea intake / cat.

Maybe you should sit down for a while, take a cup of tea and relax, and really think through your priorities so you can close some of those too many open windows.
Ctein could help with the tea selection.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

So we all went out and bought an IR filter lately and I tried it on my Canon T1i first - got results in the 2 - 3 minute exposure range. After about 100 shots of this I was exhausted. Stuck it on my Fuji HS10, turned it on and shock of shocks I could see my foot. Must not have an IR blocker over the sensor ? Now getting shots in a reasonable exposure time .3 seconds NP. Stuck it on my Nikon P7100 same foot ! And that camera is on the convertible list at LifePixel. Huh.

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