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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Wait a sec. 70% of 80% is 56%. So you have a ways to go. Rest up & get well.

And if you had government-in-your-favour socialized medicine, all that money would have gone to supporting the site.

However your income taxes would be considerably higher and you'd probably cringe at all the extra tax you'd have to pay for goods and services! for exampler regular unleaded petrol C$1.32/lire (or quart), currently here, much mhuch igher elsewere and lower too.

Mind, with all the snow,cold and rarely seeing any sort of firearm or military personnel for that matter, much prefer here.

Still very happy you're on the road to recoveery.

> Valentine's Day is this Friday, February 14th. You have been alerted!

oh crap!!!! totally forgot

Glad you are bouncing back! I hit the donate button. Hope it will cover a couple of kleenex in the doctors office.

I don't wish to start a debate war, but Mike, how would Obamacare benefit you? I worry that you have no health insurance in a country so unforgiving of that as the US.

So... thats 1am here(HongKong) :(
What are the chances of there being anything left when I wake up 6 hours after the sale starts?

Please, everybody, share the TOP URL with your female photography friends. I am doing that consciously recently. I find that more balanced societies are healthier societies.

I know you live in a state with a jackass governor, but there must be some way for you to enroll for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

Valentine's Day is also my birthday.

Feel free to send me Leica glass or an E-M1.


Thanks for a great blog, Mike! I love ya!

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