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Tuesday, 08 March 2016



I'm on the iPad in a coffeehouse right now, or I'd do the conversion. Download the free Audacity program. That's what I use when I need to do this kind of audio work.


Ctein's print is a real eye-opener. Highly recommended

nice announcer voice. Star of the future TOP Podcast?

a file that will last until the next time I clean out my dropbox folder:


its really easy in iTunes, if you know that step one is going into preferences and changing the cd import settings to mp3...

Now that you've dealt with the Ctein* pronouniation would you take us through "Johnston". We need to know whether you pronounce the "t" and how you deal with the missing terminal "e".
* in my head I always pronounce Ctein with a silent "c" because that is how I pronounce all the other English words beginning with "ct".

I have an mp3 file for you but I cant attach/insert it into this comments box. Do you have and email address?

Man I was so close. I had always thought his name was pronounced (Ka-TEEN)

It's a pity this comment font is not able to display IPA - it seems /k'taɪn/ (the strange char is a small uppercase I). I am not sure if there is a schwa between /k/ and /t/.

Reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet

Ah well. It show the IPA code correctly in the end. Nice!

just used an online converter - I sent you an email with the mp3

I've converted This is Ctein to MP-3 and cut out that little pop at the end. If you go to dropbox.com, you can retrieve the file with this link:


I'll leave it there for a day or two.

OK, now that EVERYONE knows how Ctein's name is pronounced, can we get an article on why or how he chose that name? I'm assuming his mamma didn't name him that at birth...

If she did, then she must've been a very interesting woman indeed, so I'd like a story about her life instead.

> how you deal with the missing terminal "e".

Huh!??! What "e"?

Ctein - more interesting, to me anyway, than how, is why?

Awesome. My copy of Ctein's print has skyrocketed in value. Better investment than the stockmarket. :)


I'm always curious about the pre-recording process. Did he magically capture it before he recorded it?

It's similar to pre-planning, not to mention (yes, I have actually heard this!) pre-poning a meeting.

I love it when I can poke fun mid-week. :)

As an original purchaser of the print, I couldn't believe it was taken with an Oly early m4/3. Till I read about Ctein's masking techniques and other goodies. Now owning an E-M1 with that GLORIOUS 45mm lens, ( and the 12-40 f2.8 ain't no slouch either) I get results that are better in my aerial photography business than my Pentax 645 film camera with the GLORIOUS 80-160 zoom was. Yes, the 6 year ago time frame seems to be about right. I just don't need full frame, and I love the flexibility, size and performance of the m4/3 format. Must say, though, I'd be interested to try the Pentax K1 with my Sigma 14mm f2.8 in astrophotography with the really interesting "astro-shift" sensor in our clear Southern Hemisphere skies -- Is that what it's called? Reckon an Olympus firmware update could accommodate that good idea.

Ctein. Really? So what's on his birth certificate, selective service service card, other legal stuff? But, I suppose if Banksy can do it, why not Ctein?

Dear Jake,

I used to maintain two separate identities, which was a real hassle. I jettisoned one and stayed with Ctein, which is my sole, full and legal name. What other name I had is not anyone's concern.

All my legal papers say Ctein. That's what it says on my passport, drivers license, social Security card, mortgage, and tax forms.

I don't have a selective service card.

It is not, in fact, terribly difficult to legally change one's name, although it takes a bit of time, and a bit of money (and sending out a fair number of letters to things like credit card companies). It was certainly a lot less hassle than keeping two IDs on the books.


Dear folks,

No, you won't get an article on how and/or why I have that name. Any such article might provide clues to finding out what my other name was. I've got good reasons for not creating any possibility that the other name could get professionally linked to me. For example, I have known of two other photographers here in the Bay Area with that name. Weird but true. As a courtesy to them, I wish to avoid any possibility of confusion.

Consequently, I maintain a serious firewall around that information in any professional setting, which this is for me.

pax \ Ctein
[ Please excuse any word-salad. MacSpeech in training! ]
-- Ctein's Online Gallery http://ctein.com
-- Digital Restorations http://photo-repair.com

Dear Folks,

You may be amused to know that the name "Ctein" is NOT uniquely mine. I know one other in Scandinavia (male) and one in Taiwan (female).

We are, of course, Facebook friends.

You are welcome to join our little club...

... so long as you are willing to change your name.

pax / whatshisface

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