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Tuesday, 12 April 2016


One provisional suggestion is the Camera cafe, at Aperture Photographic, in Museum Street.

It seems appropriate, is central and is in a great part of town.

The weather is glorious today but the usual caveats apply.

I've emailed the man, this morning.

Ah, spiffing. Good show, what? ;-)


Photo London is on, May 19-22 at/around Somerset House on the Embankment: http://photolondon.org/

+1 for the Aperture suggestion. A refreshing photo presence in London

Dear Folks,

To be sure matters are clear:

1) I will not be arranging any London get-together. I am merely agreeable to doing one if someone there makes all the arrangements.

Email me if you're interested in making the arrangements. Otherwise, wait for an announcement on TOP

2) Paula and I arrive in London from Paris on May 3. We depart on May 15. Those dates are not flexible.

3) We'll be staying at the Copthorne Tara, off of Kensington High Street, so we have good transit access to all of London.

3) Franck Dewannieux is working on a get-together in Paris, sometime between April 26 and May 2. There'll be an announcement here when we have it worked out. Meanwhile, if anyone else wants to play friendly native guide for any of our time in Paris, please email me privately.

pax / Ctein

Unfortunate timing, I return to NYC from The Smoke on the 30th. Would've loved to've met!

Also, hi Andrew!

Moving away from London early next week, sadly, but might be back to say hello, if I can. If you have time for it, the Barbican's Strange and Familiar looks to be worth a visit.

Dear Ctein,
if you ever plan to come to Germany, feel free to contact me. Cologne is a great city!

Okay, since I didn't read the post correctly and emailed Ctein (it was before breakfast, I wasn't awake, I got excited) I shall organise a get-together.

I like Andrew Lamb's suggestion of the Camera cafe, at Aperture Photographic, in Museum Street. I suggest that we meet on Saturday 7th May. Time to be decided, but perhaps 2:30 pm would be good as some of us may have to come a long way. It's also after lunchtime so with luck it won't be so crowded.

From a quick look at their website there's a small range of food, but lots of choices if you drink tea or coffee. If we are going to be handling other people's cameras and/or photos, it would probably be a good plan to eat beforehand, to avoid greasy thumb problems.

If you are interested, please email me via my website (link below) I'm busy this weekend until Sunday evening, so please don't expect an answer before then. The details above are just a suggestion, but we have to start somewhere. Whatever we do, we need to make a fairly rapid decision, as we may have to book a table.

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