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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Dear Folks,

Much thanks to Roger!

A Paris gathering (sometime between April 27 and May 2) is still up in the air. An unexpected situation will have Franck out of town, so he can't plan one. I've asked "Thomas Paris" if he can take it on, but he hasn't replied yet.

Anyone else in Paris care to bell this chat?

pax / Ctein

They're nice and friendly there, they have Wi-Fi, and they're a stones throw from the British Museum.

Dear Folks,

I just got a reply from Thomas that he will handle setting something up in Paris. **Tentatively** he is looking at Thursday evening, April 28.

He'd like some sense of how many might attend, so if you're one, please email him at: mercen@mercen.org

pax / Ctein

I hope people planning the meet-up at CC/Aperture realise that it's about the size of a shoe-box. There are a couple of tiny tables inside the shop itself (which serves a very decent plate of simple Singapore-style noodles) and an extremely claustrophobic windowless basement room - where I've yet to see anyone. There are also two tables outside, weather permitting, which are right on the pavement. Don't leave anything of value beyond arm's length because I've personally witnessed mobile phones being stolen from gullible tourists by wheedling "migrant" thieves who abound in this street.

Quite frankly, after a visit to the shop/cafe, which is well worthwhile, if there are more than about four people gathering you'd be better to walk 100 yards up Museum St. to the British Museum itself where the magnificent Great Court incorporates a fairly large cafe seating area. Of course on a Saturday in spring, weather permitting - and quite possibly even with weather not permitting - the entire area will be heaving with humanity. If you're really lucky you may even get a chance to take a snap of one or two British people, an increasingly rare species in central London. You'll recognise them by their jaunty demeanour, black clothing sewn with mother-of-pearl buttons and a never-say-die attitude to the numerous indignities to which they're increasingly subjected.

Let me add something to my previous (not yet posted) comments. If the weather's actually good you could also considering walking a few hundred yards up to Russell Sq which has a pleasant small park incorporating a cafe with a sizeable seating area outside, under the trees. A minor hazard; if you find yourself suddenly afflicted by coughing in this part of the city in spring it'll be because of some exudation from the Plane trees. I don't suffer much from allergies but this one gets me every time - it took years before I realised what caused it.

Roy, you sound a little unhappy. Yes the venue is a tad small but it isn't located in Homs.

Dear Roy,

I'm vetoing an outside venue; I may wish to bring some prints to show people and I won't be doing that outdoors. I don't see what's wrong with a "windowless basement room;" we're not meeting up for the view.

If you think there is a pressing need to discuss this further, please take it to private email cc'ed to both me (ctein@pobox.com) and Roger. Thanks!

pax / Ctein

Roger “The Arranger” here.

Roy is not the only person to point out that The Camera Café is a small venue. It looks very much like we will have to meet elsewhere, judging by how many have shown an interest so far.

I’m looking at alternatives, but have yet to make a decision. Whatever I decide, it will be fairly close to an underground station; I have a dodgy foot and my range is a bit limited.

Keep contacting me folks, so that we can get a good idea of numbers.


Hi Roger. Have you considered the café at The Photographer's Gallery?


It's not usually too busy and has a lot of space on long benches.

16 - 18 Ramillies St, London W1F 7LW

Less than 5 mins from Oxford Circus and 10 mins from Tottenham Ct Road.

Coffee is normal variety, plus salads and snacks. You can also book it for events.

You can contact the Café at:

raffaele.mocellin@tpg.org.uk +44 (0)20 7087 9300

Sadly it's unlikely that I'll be able to join you all but my automatic first thought was The Photographer's Gallery too. I would have thought that was ideal?

Steve and Tom, the Photographer's Gallery Cafe it is now, but we are still meeting on Saturday 7th May, at 2:30 pm.


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