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Tuesday, 12 November 2019


A wonderful, wonderful story.


Thank you for writing this series! Such interesting tidbits about the dye transfer process, along with a fortuitous series of events that allowed you to learn the process and practice it for years. The columns read as though they were part of fictional story, but you persevered by learning the process, asking questions to your contact at Kodak, figuring out a way to prolong the manufacture of dye transfer materials, and more to come!

Even though I know nothing about dye transfer, this series fascinates me with all the twists and turns of the story.

I commend you for continuing after the first results were disastrous and expensive! I can almost imagine how you felt when that expensive box of paper was depleted without a decent print -- "traumatic amnesia" indeed!

I'm eager to read the next part in your series.

Ctein just a vote of appreciation for you for writing this series. Very enlightening

I agree with Dave; this is fascinating, thanks Ctein!

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