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Friday, 06 December 2019


I saw that video, yes right through to the end. It was very impressive! Ctein is an excellent ‘explainer.’
Unfortunately, I don’t have money, but if I did, the video would have sealed the deal!

I watched the videos twice. I found them fascinating as you say. An interesting thing about them for me was seeing Ctein. I often skip over the things you post of his on TOP because they are usually long winded and I thought, wrongly, that they were not very interesting ( I like to read what Mike Johnston writes). But the videos have changed my perception of Ctein. In the future I will read his posts, and I will go back and read his posts of recent on his history with dye transfer.
Thanks again for sharing these videos.

I had to hold back since my ship hasn't come in and all that is here is a canoe full of bills, but I am curious which prints were in most demand.
Will there be a report?

I was going to be frugal and skip the sale, but then I showed my wife and we ended up getting two, on layaway (will likely pay in full after the Holidays when the bills clear). Looking forward to St Mundo Cathedral and the SR-71 fuel line detail prints. Enjoyed the video too. I kept thinking something I think I remember Ctein writing in one of his articles, that no one cares how hard you work on your photographs, but in this case it definitely adds to the appeal.

What are these in ”these are selling very quickly”? Did I miss something?

I bought something in your print sale. I’m delighted I did.
In no particular order:
1. I figured a sale at one third of the normal price is about as good as TOP will ever do.
2. I wanted to help prove to you that you could sell expensive prints more often.
3. I wanted to help reward Ctein for returning to your site.
4. I wanted to own the best print ever made of a solar eclipse.
5. You convinced me I should have a dye transfer print.
6. I had some money left over from our print sale years ago.

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