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Monday, 07 February 2022


I have the original FujiFilm X100... and converted it to infrared (820). It's so much fun!

I've had a few cameras converted by LifePixel. They do good work.

Present IR armamentarium comprises two Panasonic GF1s. One has the standard conversion, the other the "super color." I found that, for the standard, if I set the film mode to monochrome and tweak it a bit, I can get some fairly usable SOOC jpegs.

For extra fun, I once printed one image as a negative onto 8x10 transparency film, and made prints of it both with cyanotype process, and with Van Dyke brown.

Ctein is in good company using the 42.5mm Panasonic lens (85mm-eq.)as his "normal" lens. When I met Ralph Gibson, many moons ago, the normal lens he was using was a 90mm. --Mike

Excellent article. Thank you. I've tinkered with IR and a converted Olympus E-PL2 with an IR-standard filtration, but Ctein's article just convinced me to convert an EM-5 that's been placed into reserve when I got an EM-1 II.

FWIW - the Olympus 14-42 II kit lens seems to focus IR reasonably well, but I appreciate Ctein's suggestions on the Panasonic 42.5 and Oly 75. I have to try those out as well. Sadly, the 12mm Summilux is too rich for my budget.

Dear Joseph,

I don't think I tried out the 14-42 kit zoom in the IR. It's a quality lens in the visible, comparable to good primes, dunno why I didn't think to. There are times when I do need something between 12 and 42!

No problem with unmanageable flare or hot-spots or diaphragm images?

pax / Ctein

I'm fairly positive that Life Pixel will now have a surge of orders for camera conversions. The IR images from Ctein’s website are gorgeous and just ooze silver like traditional darkroom prints but we all know are now inkjet printed, oh he has mastered that as well. Thanks for the print sale and posting the detailed and informative essays on the IR process, can’t wait for part II. Does Ctein’s printer use original EPSON inks or perhaps converted to all Monochrome ink sets ?

[He uses Epson Ultrachrome HD inks. --Mike]

Oh, please do an infrared Baker's Dozen!

Dear Joseph,

Thanks for the suggestion! I don't recall trying out the kit zoom for IR work (It's very good in the visible). I'll report back!

It'd be nice to have a usable lens between the 12 and the 42.5.

pax / Ctein

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