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Sunday, 13 March 2022


An excellent and very nuanced reply from Ctein, as expected.

The 27inch iMac with 5k monitor, the monitor was essentially given away. And whilst the medisaphere tie themselves in knots, the real-life benefits of the M1 Ultra, etc., melt away in the the seconds it takes to take the card out, insert, backup etc......

I use a 16GB MacMini M1. I'll be damed if I can keep up with it. I swear it is mocking me for being so slow.

Let me clarify what I had said earlier about the new Mac Studio. Here is what I think has happened. The Mac Pro has gone so far upscale and so far up in price that it has achieved orbit. The new Mac Studio is only a "midrange" computer compared to that. Back on Earth, it occupies the place the higher end macs used to. A better computer for those who have some extra money, whether they need a better computer or not.

And for those who prefer not to get the last gasp Intel machines, why not wait for the new Mac Minis later this year? Macbook pros have SD card slots, maybe it will too.

Three cheers for my 27" iMac 2017 with 40 GB Ram! Enough workarounds to get my older peripherals to work with Big Sur that I may never upgrade again. Bought my daughters old iBook to use CS6!

My 2020 Intel IMac came with the anti--glare screen option, and it's been a godsend. My home office is no dingy basement, but a sunny room formerly used as a potting shed. Now I can work any time of the day.

Ctein may as well use his iMac as the monitor for a Mac Studio. Gives him the best of both worlds plus the FRONT SD slot which is the only reason to buy the Mac Studio after all.

Best regards
Markus Fischer

I'm not usually the conspiratorial type, but the quiet removal of Target Display Mode from Mojave and on suddenly makes sense.

Ctein wrote "The switchover, in fact, will cause me problems when I'm forced into it. Which is, hopefully, not going to happen any time soon."

What problems?

My daughter just switched to an M1 MacBook for her video work. We used Apple's Migration Assistant to move to the new machine and she was up and running in something like an hour or two. No problems.

Was there something special about 2014? Like Ctein's iMac, my MacBook Pro, usually docked to a 27" Apple thunderbolt display, is running perfectly going on 8 years of service. I've never gotten that many years out of any previous computer. The only issue is that it is now ophaned at Big Sur OS and may be in trouble if Apple stops issuing security updates for Big Sur.

Dear folks,

Well, since people have asked...

The iMac I bought in 2014, upgraded to 32 GB of RAM, cost only about 5% less than the Mac Studio + 5K monitor in the 64 GB configuration. So, yeah, I'm used to spending in that range for a computer. Money isn't the issue.**

The Apple silicon compatibility issues I have are that I'm dealing with a lesser version of John Camp's problem — a certain amount of Windows software I need to be running — which I can currently do in Parallels running the versions of Windows that I own already. Which will NOT run on an Mx processor! Windows 11 on ARM won't handle my particular needs. Other's mileage will differ.

** ((On the other hand... if I had to buy new tomorrow and I bought a most-recent-model (2020) 27" 5K iMac, I'd go for this configuration: mid-range CPU, best GPU, 1 TB SSD, 8 GB RAM:


plus 32x2 GB of RAM from Other World Computing:


and it would be a grand less than the Mac Studio. If I bought a used/refurbished 2020 27" 5K iMac, even less. Plus I'd have the option of pushing it up to 128 GB.))

- pax \ Ctein
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My 2019 iMac turned to near junk after moving to Big Sur. Slow as can be. Even multiple calls couldn’t provide a solution. Why didn’t they tell me the Hybrid or whatever they called their HD was worthless now. I watched YouTube and added a Samsung T5 SSD external Boot drive. Ya Dah!! Not junk anymore. It’s back to a great tool.

I could never understand why Apple did not offer a medium to high end standalone desktop offering (ie non integrated screen). I think the Studio Mac fixes that major gap. For some, the migration to this device is a double whammy, as they need to purchase a screen as well as a desktop. I am glad that Apple have also released a screen. I am mainly a Windows user, but I like to see the Apple ecosystem prosper and if I had not built a top of the range PC myself in the last little while I would seriously consider migrating from Windows to the Mac Studio.

Still very happy with my iMac Pro (2017) with a 3.2GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon W processor, 64 GB of 2666 MHz DDR4 memory, Two Terabyte SSD, and Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB.

No wait time for even large raw files and very good with 4K video. It's a nice machine for daily professional work and the 5K monitor is lovely.

I've already gotten more than my money's worth and if I felt the need to upgrade it would probably be to one of the new M1 Max 16 inch laptops and the new monitor.

This stuff just works and works and works. No I.T. staff needed.

I bought a late 2015 iMac 5K 27” several years ago and eventually populated it with a bunch of OWC memory (40GB total) added a Thunderbolt RAID enclosure with drives, connected an existing 24” HDMI monitor, and I’m set for my desktop needs. For portable I use a 10.7” IPad Pro with a Logi keyboard case. Once the Files app was added to iOS/iPadOS devices, I no longer had a need for a MacBook for what I do.

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