Here's what others say about Post Exposure:

"Step-by-step, detail by intricate detail, Ctein takes us from the very beginning of the photographic process, to the most advanced and sophisticated techniques as no other author ever has. Ctein leaves no detail unexplored, from subjects as essential as determining if an enlarging lens is properly centered for optimum performance, to detailed procedures taking the image from exposure to the making of the fine print in both black and white and color.

"No step is neglected, no useful principle is evaded. And most interesting is the myth-exploding observations wherein Ctein wipes away long perpetuated ideas that really have no basis in fact. This is one book that will become the key reference text in just about every darkroom dedicated to quality work. It is truly a masterpiece of technical analysis and instruction that answers every elusive question photographers have long wondered about."

-- Arthur Kramer, author of "Kramer's Korner" for Camera 35, "View from Kramer" in Modern Photography, and "Pro View" in Popular Photography

"Ctein is almost entirely known as a veteran photo-writer, but he is also an exceptionally fine printer--one of the last of the true old-fashioned photographic craftsmen. And the guy has a mind like an encyclopaedia. Mention a phototechnical topic, and you'll shake loose a disquisition that is as entertaining as it is erudite. He can make difficult subjects [both] more clear and more fun than you'd imagine they'd be.

"Post Exposure is really two books in one. First, it provides background information for printers that is unique--more intelligent and scientifically literate by far than the standard fare, and in my opinion the best such synopsis to be found in any current book directed at a lay audience. Second, it presents, in detail, all of Ctein's significant researches into a variety of issues of importance to serious darkroom workers. Post Exposure is a fitting culmination--so far--of Ctein's distinguished career as one of the nation's leading magazine writers on photographic technique."

-- Mike Johnston, Editor, PHOTO Techniques magazine

Here's what the photography magazines say about Post Exposure:

From: Studio Photography & Design, Feb. 1998

For Serious Printers Only

Post Exposure: Advanced Techniques for the Photographic Printer, by Ctein, Focal Press, An imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann, 162 pp., with index.

Those serious about their printing will find a repository of accumulated knowledge and experience, along with a good deal of passion about the craft, in Ctein's new book, Post Exposure. A veteran tech writer, Ctein covers the field in chapters on various techniques and practices, as well as sections on "How We See and How Film Sees", a must for those engaged in previsualization. Covering both color and black and white--as well as prints from slides and negatives--the book is a wonderful read for those who are engaged in printing, and who take their photography seriously.

While opinionated, the text bases those strong impressions on tests and long experience with both the joys, and occasional miseries, of the darkroom. Ctein's writing on resin-coated b&w papers, and the long road they have traveled, is worth the price of admission alone. His critique and evaluation of lenses, as well as examination of, and occasional debunking of certain dark- room myths, is must reading for all.

In short, this is a magnum opus for Ctein, a life's work well summarized in a well-produced book. Those raised on Lootens and Feininger will appreciate the effort.

-- George Schaub, Editorial Director

From PHOTO Techniques, Mar./Apr. 1998

Post Exposure: Advanced Techniques for the Photographic Printer by Ctein. Focal Press, an imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN 0-240-80299-3 (paperback), $29.95.

If you know Ctein's work, Post-Exposure is self-recommending. I'm not an objective reviewer of this book--Ctein writes for this magazine, and he's a colleague from the old days at Camera & Darkroom, formerly Darkroom Photography. When I wrote a blurb for the book's back cover after reading it in manuscript, I said, "Post Exposure provides unique background information for printers, including all of Ctein's significant researches into a variety of issues of importance to serious darkroom workers. More intelligent and scientifically literate by far than the standard fare, it is the best such synopsis to be found in any current book directed at a lay audience. Post Exposure is the essence of Ctein's distinguished career as one of the nation's leading writers on photographic technique."

Something you've probably noticed by now is that it becomes increasingly difficult to find original and involving phototechnical writing once you've digested the basics and a bit beyond. Although it presents several topics you may have heard about from Ctein before, the book (his first) does so in more complete fashion than you've read elsewhere; overall, Ctein's book is probably the most gratifying and most original book of practical photographic technique since Richard Henry's Controls in Black-and-White Photography. It joins a very short shelf of indispensable technical books for the advanced worker interested in technical topics.

-- Mike Johnston, Editor

From Darkroom User #32, 1997/6

Ctein's new book "Post Exposure - Advanced Techniques for the Photographic Printer" teaches the principles, theories and practices needed to produce truly excellent prints. Ctein has over 30 years of experience in this field and not only is he one of the few remaining dye-transfer printers but is also regarded, by Kodak no less, as one of the best printers. Readers who remember (and frequently refer back to) his benchmark articles on, for example, "The Best Enlarging Lenses in The World" and "Ephemeral RC Prints" will need no further prompting to purchase his new book. For those afraid of 'technical' jargon all I can say is don't be - Ctein is very understandable, and thorough. After seeing some of the proofs I'M sure no-one will be disappointed. In fact printers of all skills, in monochrome or colour, should buy Post Exposure... they will probably become better printers from reading it.

-- Ed Buziak, Editor

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