How to Order Prints

Current prices

Please note that all photographs are not available in prints of all sizes. Most dye transfers are only available in one size of print, digital prints in one or two sizes. The sizes are provided with the description of the photograph.

Digital Prints
(all prints have oversize white borders and are signed
underneath the image area)

print size      

22" x 17" $350 $550
32" x 24" $650 $990
54" x 44" $1,500 not available
34"-wide panoramic $600 not available
44"-wide panoramic $800 not available

IMPORTANT NEWS: I no longer make new dye transfer prints, so availability of both dye transfer prints and matrix-and-work-print sets is strictly limited to my existing inventory. Prices and availability may change without notice.

Dye Transfer Prints
(the sizes listed are the image areas; the overall paper dimensions are larger)

image area      

small    (7"x9" to 10"x14") $1,800 $2,050
large    (11"x14" to 15"x19") $2,500 $2,850

Matrix-and-Work-Print Sets

$295, including shipping anywhere in the world.

(discounts are available for orders of three sets or more. Email me with your inquiry.)

Ordering's as easy as 1,2,3,4

First, you can contact me any of three ways:

  • (mail) 42 Skyline Drive, Daly City CA 94015

  • (email)

  • (phone) 650-756-5557

Email is the most reliable way; I check it several times a day, unless I'm traveling and can't get 3G access. If you phone, my name is pronounced "kuh-TINE" (well, it's pronounced that way whether or not you phone).

Second, you tell me what you want to order and if you need it by a specific date:

You can order the print either framed or unframed. The Framed Print image illustrates what my framing looks like. All the materials in contact with the print are archival. The print is not dry-mounted, but corner-taped to the matte. The glazing is acrylic, which can't shatter in shipping. If you wish to replace it with picture glass, be my guest (not recommended in earthquake country).

These are hand-made (and framed) prints. Normal delivery time is a couple of weeks. Sometimes I have finished prints in stock (I do try to build up an inventory, but it's hard), in which case, I can get a print to you much faster. Also, if a special occasion is involved, like a birthday or Xmas gift, I'll do my best to rush something out to you in time. When in doubt, ask.

Third, you tell me how you want to pay for the work:

You can pay by cash (not recommended), U.S. funds check (most preferred), money order, or Paypal. Personal checks are just fine. I don't wait for them to clear-- I trust people, and that trust has always been rewarded. If you wish to pay by PayPal, prices will be 3% higher because they nick me for fees.

You pay when you order. In return for your trust, you get a 100% satisfied, money-back guarantee, as I describe below.

Fourth, tell me where to ship the work:

I ship all the dye transfer prints and the 17" x 22" digital prints flat. The larger digital prints ship rolled. I normally ship U.S. First Class or Priority Mail. The prices at the top of the page include shipping that way within the US. If you want faster shipping or a different carrier, you pay the difference.

I'll tell you about when you can expect to get the work. When you get the package, open it promptly to determine that the prints really did arrive undamaged, and email me to let me know it arrived safely.


If for any reason the print you get doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it to me within 30 days, and I'll give you back all your money. No arguments, no hassles, no hidden clauses. Judging artwork by an on-line image is a chancy business, even when the images are as good as mine. I don't want anyone to feel dissatisfied.

To return a print, first contact me for the go-ahead (see step 1, above). Email is fine for this. I'd like to know why you're returning it, but you're not obligated to give me any reason. Mostly, I want to know to expect the package, and you to confirm I'm in town to get it.

Ship the print back to me sturdily packaged, via the carrier of your choice, insured for the full amount you paid for it. The print has to come back to me completely undamaged, or you don't get your money back until the carrier coughs up on the insurance.

When I get the print and determine it's in pristine condition, I'll send you a personal check for the amount you paid me, plus the charges for the return shipping. I can't save you from the hassle of returning the work, but I'll make sure it didn't cost you any money.

You can email me at

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