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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Can't afford it, but already ordered. I was worried that I might not like the choices offered, but that Niagara blows me away on screen at 72dpi and a few inches across.

The children will just have to go without proper sustenance for a couple of months, but they're tough, they'll manage.

My email to Ctein is sent .... fingers crossed :)

Well, you did manage to get me into a rush with all the anticipation. Nice selection, excellent price, and Niagara Falls was one of my favorites from Ctein's portfolio. Just hoping that my 12:04 email to Ctein came early enough!

I was hoping that you would pick som great images, and you have delivered! This is a worthy ending with four great images. Two of the images spoke more to me than the others, so I have placed an order for those two.


Is he still taking orders for the un-discounted items? That is, the ones that are three times the price? Might want to pick another image, given that these ones don't really do anything for me

Great job Ctein and Mike. Excellent selection of prints offered.

I really can't afford it but the Niagara falls print would be superb in my living room :'-)

Really sad to see a process dye... I meant die.

Thanks to Mike & Ctein for that nice opportunity.


Hell, I like, love, adore youre Niagara Falls shot Ctein, have seen a lot of shots from it. Mostly rather gloomy affairs (like Gursky's shot with the tourist boat). This highkey picture however sort of depicts the joy found in every water molecule that jumps the clifface, you can here the droplets screaming....

Greets, Ed.

Ctein, that Niagra Falls pic is just sublime! Wish I had the money to buy a print!

Not within budget at the moment but we have a few Ctein prints here (some from his digital photographs and others from film) as well as a smaller dye-transfer print and they really are terrific. Castle Eilean Donan is one of our recent ink-jet prints — it's quite something to see!

Hi Mike and Ctein,

When I saw the picture Castle Eilean Donan in Ctein's gallery, it looks sunny and much more warmer than the picture shown here which is more gloomy. Why's the difference ?
Could I get the sunny version of the picture ?



[Dear Long,

The JPEG in my Online Gallery was pulled from the digital monograph of the Scotland Portfolio. It's a decent representation of how that photograph prints as an inkjet print. But it's not the way it prints as a dye transfer print. For that, the versions on Mike's and my TOP Sales page (especially on my page) are much more accurate.

If you really, really like the inkjet version, you can purchase that at the normal price, outside of this sale:


pax / Ctein]


Does anyone have $2,325 they feel like donating?

(No? Oh well; I guess I'll make do with 800px-wide JPEGs.)

Was unavoidably out this evening, so may be too late.
Fingers crossed.....

Having grown up near Niagara Falls, almost every picture of it bores me. I echo the sentiment by Steve Miller. That image is sublime. Captures the mystique and power of it with a subtle delicacy. I'm sure the dye transfer version is equally as stunning. I wish I could afford it right now.

If I only bought it for the historical aspect (can you imagine telling your kids about it one day), that would be enough. But one of these images speaks to me, and I hope against all hope that I can get it!

Couldn't jump in because I'm in budget mode for the foreseeable future but just wanted to say that that Niagara Falls photograph is fantastic. One of the best I've seen of the falls. Good work Ctein.

If by some accident there should be enough chemicals for 161 prints, I would love on of "Castle Eilean Donan". When I woke up this morning, everything was already gone :(

well boo. missed it completely. I hate my life.

Was fortunate enough to get in on this sale. Thanks for the opportunity, Mike and Ctein!

Maybe time to set up a pseudo secondary print marketplace at TOP, where buyers of previous prints can resell them. Of course Mike would collect, say, a 10-15% facilitation fee on the sales.

OK, just kidding.

I couldn't have afforded one, but even viewing the small versions here is a treat for the eyes. Splendid images, full of life, the kind of pictures it would be impossible to ever tire of. In a way I'm glad my wallet is empty as I never could have chosen. Roses, Niagara, Columbia, one of those three, though the fourth is also lovely. It's nice to see photography that isn't edgy or confrontational for a change. Sheer perfect beauty is much harder to achieve.

Dear Carsten (and others who have asked via e-mail),

One of Mike's firm rules about these sales is that once it's over, it's over.

It's not about whether I'll have spare prints or materials. I built a safety margin into that 160 number, to allow for wastage during printing and possible losses during shipping. Unless I am extremely unlucky, I'll wind up with several extra prints of each that will go back into inventory. That's got nothing to do with it. It's about maintaining the exclusivity of the sales.

pax \ Ctein
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