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Wednesday, 06 March 2024


Hooray for the pacemaker - the amount of posts per day are significantly increased. More to read every day and that’s great.
Will you pick up the writing of your book, I wonder?

Two things.

Thing 1. Cteins article on the definition of 'time' is mind blowing.

Thing 2. I withdraw my conscientious objection to the Olympus TG-7 being in the 10 camera list, because DxO Photolab now supports it. As a consequence, its JPG and raw output now meet the criteria of sufficiency. Just.

Although the fact that my old tiny Canon S120 files look like full frame files by comparison, should make Olympus hang their heads in shame.

Thank you for the publicity, Mike!

Anticipating several questions by readers…

1) "How is Elmo doing?"

Elmo is just fine and continues to regale us with witty conversation while he rules the, ummm, roost.

2) "So, you and David have decided to self-publish?"

No, we are pursuing a conventional contract through our agent; the book is currently in the hands of one publishing house for consideration.

Patreon isn't about selling work, it's about supporting artists and other creative sorts. Mike's got his Patreon page for TOP (you've all clicked on Mike's support link in the right column, right... right?), David has a personal Patreon page that is separate from the one for our novel, and in a few months I'll have one of my own (which will be announced here, you can be sure of that).

Patreon isn't designed nor intended for self-publishing — we're trying something new by serializing the book on that platform. Very Dickensian of us.

3) "Why should I sign up now instead of waiting for the whole book to be serialized, in which case I could get it for three dollars?"

Yeah, you could, and we will not turn up our nose at the $3 (greedy grin). I expect some people will do just that, but the whole idea is to help support us in our endeavors.

At this time about a third of the book has been serialized, so, y'know, for three bucks you can read enough of it to figure out if you're going to want to subscribe to the rest. Give it a try! You can always cancel.

4) "Why don't you and David self-publish RIPPLE EFFECT as an e-book?"

Because (a) the returns are uncertain and (b) that actually costs money! We'd need to hire a professional copy-editor/proofreader along with a layout person to design the e-book. I have friends who do that, so I can get a very favorable rate, but we'd still be out a number of thousands of dollars. There's a cardinal rule of being a professional author: money flows to the author, not away from them!

Why do we need to bring in professionals? As a wise person once said, "The author who proofreads their own work has a floo for a client," (as you will observe when you read the serialization).

(please excuse any word-salad. Apple Dictate's fault)
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Shouldn't that be, "has a foal for a client,"?
: )

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