Copyrights and Copywrongs


These screen images are for your personal use. You can add them to your screen saver or print them out to hang over your desk, etc., but you cannot redistribute or republish them in any form. You cannot give nor sell them to other people.


All these images are created, owned and copyrighted by me. I'm trying to earn my living from my art. I worked hard to bring it to life; my heart, soul, time, money and sweat has gone into it. It's my legal and moral right to decide how my work is used.

The screen images are like shareware: they're the teaser that I hope will induce you to plunk down real bucks for real art. I want you to enjoy them, so I didn't plaster a digital watermark or copyright notice over the image.

Some people have the mistaken impression that copyright restrictions apply only to commercial use. They think that if they aren't making money off it, they can redistribute copyrighted work as they wish. That's wrong. It's not only illegal, it's unethical, and it hurts the creator of the work.

These lovely, unsullied screen images are the "bait" I'm using to draw people to my Web page. I don't want folks to merely admire my work, I want them to *buy* it. If people can get copies of these images without visiting this page, then I will lose sales. Even noncommercial redistribution can hurt me financially.

That's why I'm not giving you permission to put these images up on your own Web page or post them to someone's server. You can't print out a bunch of copies for friends or give away copies of background screens you put them in. If your friends want copies, I want them to visit my Web page.

Unauthorized distribution can also hurt me artistically. If I let people redistribute my work willy-nilly, I lose control over it. It could wind up gracing the National Enquirer (that actually happened to a friend of mine)!

So, please, please, PLEASE don't rip me off. "Appropriation" is theft, it's against the law, and it's morally wrong.


If you want to redistribute this work for some reason, license it for a product, incorporate it in some artwork of your own, or just give a print to a friend for a special reason, ASK ME FIRST!

There's a very good chance I'll say, "Sure, no problem." I know that a certain amount of republishing could be a good idea, if I do it carefully. I'll happily discuss terms for noncommercial redistribution and licensing for commercial use or publication.

I'm no ogre. I just need to be able to keep control of my life's work and make a modest living. Being accommodating of others' needs is also the nice thing to do, and I try to conduct business in a nice way. I've always treated people honorably and they've always treated me the same.

In order for me to tell what effect any authorized republication has, I need feedback. If you see any of my images somewhere else, please drop me an email with the particulars. That will help me determine how a particular republication or licensing is working out. Thanks!

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