NEW! All my photographs are now available as 14"x11" digital prints! (Image area is up to 12"x9" depending on the aspect ratio of the photograph.) The price is only $200 and includes shipping within the United States.

Here are descriptions and screen images of all the photographs I've placed in the gallery to date, grouped by medium (sorta) and (arbitrarily) by subject matter and theme.

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  • The Title List is a concise list of the titles and sizes for all the prints I offer, with links to full screen images.
  • What are dye transfer prints? This article will tell you all about how these ultra-fine photographic prints are made.
You can download a full screen (768x1024) JPEG of any particular work by clicking on its thumbnail. There are also pages of ganged thumbnails of the older-posted work that link to the full-screen images; scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the links there.

Please read "Copyrights and Wrongs" to find out the very reasonable limits I've set on the use of these screen images.

PLEASE don't rely on the thumbnails for any sense of the quality of these photographs. Trust me-- the thumbnails don't do the work justice. I've included them for your browsing convenience; I'd be distraught if it turned out that they dissuade people from viewing the real goods.

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Macbeth Chart

This is a calibration image. Import this image into your image-processing program and adjust it so that the chart on your screen looks as much like a real ColorChecker as possible. Apply those same adjustments to the other images you download, and you'll be very close to what I see on my screen and to what the original dye transfer prints actually look like. (83K JPEG)

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Framed Print

Should you choose to purchase a framed print, this is typical of what you'd get. You have a choice of double-mattes, as shown here, or a single off-white matte. All materials in contact with the print are archival and the print is not dry-mounted, but taped to the matte. The glazing is acrylic, which can't shatter in shipping. If you wish to replace it with picture glass, be my guest.

The print shown, "Painted Dunes and Fantastic Lava Beds, Lassen Volcanic Park CA - 1985" is available for purchase. This is only a photograph of a photograph, so the screen image doesn't look as much like the original as the others in the gallery. (162K JPEG)

Dye transfer print: 15" wide by 19" high (image area)

My Dye Transfer Prints

My dye transfer prints are all made using original Kodak papers and dyes. The paper stock is double- or triple-weight fiber base with an air-dried F surface. The prints have at least 1" of white paper around the image area, and I title and sign the prints in archival ink under the image.

Important notice: Laurie and I have decided to bring this project to an end, so the pieces listed for sale here are the last copies of these works that will ever be available. The runs are closed, hence the size of each edition is much smaller. For example, although a piece may be numbered as "3/24" on the matte, the actual run is 3. In some cases only one copy was ever printed and assembled, making it a unique work. The edition numbers listed below are the actual runs, not how the piece is labeled. Accordingly, prices have been raised and these works are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

This project represented a significant departure for both Laurie and me from our usual art, being the first time either of us worked with another photographer. These collaborations were produced in very limited numbers, with editions running from 1 to 4. The prices currently range from $5,000 to $10,000 but are subject to change without notice.

My Digital Prints

My digital prints are hand-printed and signed Epson Ultrachrome inkjet prints. These durable pigment-ink prints fully meet my exacting artistic standards while making my work available to those who cannot afford dye transfer prints. I print the digital prints up to 17" x 22" on the finest quality double-weight semiglossy fiber base paper (similar in look to the surface of the dye transfer prints). The larger digital prints are on heavyweight semiglossy RC paper. Like the dye transfers, prints have at least 1" of white paper around the image area and are titled and signed the prints in archival ink under the image.

My Portfolios

These monographs are available as a boxed set. Each plate is an original Epson Ultrachrome pigment inkjet print, hand-printed and signed by me. These sumptuous works are limited to numbered editions of 100 copies, and I am offering them at the price of $995 including U.S. shipping and handling. For a full description of these most special monographs, accompanied by many detailed photographs of the books, go to my "monographs" page.

You may also purchase individual photographs from these portfolios as 17" x 22" Epson Ultrachrome pigment inkjet prints. Individual photographs are printed on semiglossy fiber base paper, very similar to the air-dried F surface of the dye transfer prints. Each and every print fully meets my exacting artistic standards while making my work available to those who cannot afford dye transfer prints.

Many of the photographs in these portfolios are also available as traditional dye transfer prints.

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