Dye Transfer Prints

My dye transfer prints are all made using original Kodak dye transfer paper and dyes. The paper stock is double- or triple-weight fiber base with an air-dried F surface. The prints have oversize white borders around the image area, and I title and sign the prints in archival ink under the image.

more from "Jewels of Kilauea"

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Cobalt and Golden Shard, Volcanoes Park HI ~ 2002

This is the very last dye transfer print I made before shutting down the darkroom for good.

This fractured fragment of pahoehoe holds a brilliant night-sky blue core, with scattered white starbursts. Gold and orange foam frames the interior. (392K JPEG)

Dye transfer print: 7.5" wide by 10" high (image area)

Unnatural Beauty

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Trojan Nuclear Plant Cooling Tower, OR ~ 1992

The preceding photograph was made shortly after the Trojan plant was commissioned. This one was made shortly before it was decommissioned. The mood and colors stand in contrast, as well. The tower's aircraft warning lights bathe the tower and plume in a brilliant hellish red and orange glow that stands out against dusky blue-purple clouds. Dye transfer print: 19" wide by 15" high (image area) (184K JPEG)

Dye transfer print: 7.5" wide by 10" high (image area)

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