Tom Digby's home page

Here's where you'll find Tom's biographical material, various musings, and his 'zine, Silicon Soapware.

Laurie Toby Edison

Laurie is the artist responsible for a ground-breaking book of exceptional photography Women En large: Images of Fat Nudes. Here, you can see sample photos from this and her second book Familiar Men. You can read text from both books and find out how to order them. This is also the home of Laurie's blog, Body Impolitic.

Astronomical Images by Jerry Lodriguss

Jerry's a skilled deep-sky astrophotographer. This page contains nice JPEGs of his photographs, lots of information about doing astrophotography, and order information for original prints.

The Online Photographer

This is Mike Johnston's blog on all matters photographic. Mike is the former editor of Photo Techniques magazine and a perceptive observer of the photographic world.

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