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Hello, and welcome to my personal art show.

I'm a photographer, writer and fine printmaker living in Daly City, California, U.S.A. (Read Who Am I?) To better promote my art (and, I sincerely hope, help keep the wolf from my door), I've created this gallery of some of my best work, viewable and downloadable at no charge. I'm not just doing this out of artist's ego (at least I hope not)! I hope you will like my art enough to order original prints (read The Business End for ordering details).

I'm considered to be one of the very best color printers alive today and one of a scant handful of artists still making dye transfer prints. What are dye transfer prints and why are they so special?

Dye transfers are to ordinary color prints as, well, a fine stereo system is to a $10 transistor radio. Dye transfer prints have incomparable beauty, extraordinary fidelity, and unusual longevity. They offer the artist an exceptional degree of aesthetic control. They offer the viewer a visual richness and depth which cannot be found in ordinary prints.

Along with being a fine printer, I think I'm also a damn fine artist. But, don't take my word for it! The whole point of me putting in many hundreds of hours preparing this gallery was so that you could judge that for yourselves. To date I've 'hung' about 135 images from my portfolio of 300 (to date) dye transfer prints.

Enter The Gallery to find out what's currently hanging in this space, the best way to view it, and to view the full-screen (768 x 1024 x 24 bit) JPEG renditions of my art. The images I've mounted here are the best possible screen images I could create and are remarkably faithful renditions of my original dye transfer prints.

I offer these for your personal enjoyment, to download and view at your pleasure (but not redistribute-- please read "Copyrights and Wrongs" in The Gallery to find out the very reasonable limits I've set). No charges, no obscuring watermarks and no encryption. They are not 'crippled' in any way.

Aperiodically, I'll be posting new images, so check back for updates. I may also post some of the articles I've written on photography.

If you'd like to see the actual dye transfer prints when you're in my home town, or I in yours, read How to See the Original Prints.

You won't see much flash and glitter here. I hate wasting my time waiting for pages loaded down with pointless gingerbread to open. I've created 40 megabytes of images for your downloading pleasure, and I'm guessing that, like me, you'd rather spend your time getting the meat and potatoes than the garnish. Please let me know what you think. Compliment and critique are both welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

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