Who Am I?
    Hi there!

    I'm Ctein, and I'm not your average photographer.

    I have a double-degree from Caltech in English and Physics. I've written over 500 articles, columns, books, and manuals on photographic topics. I've done research in everything from solar astronomy to computer screens and from the seventy-year-old dye transfer printmaking process to state-of-the-art electronic color displays. I've made new discoveries about ordinary B&W photographic printing and new designs for computer printers. Most recently, I've become a novelist, co-authoring Saturn Run with John Sandford. I'm hard at work on a new novel, a disaster thriller, with David Gerrold. Yeah, the tribble guy. Cool!

But, in my heart of hearts, I remain a photographer. Kodak made me their PPA Featured Photographer in 1983, and everyone who has seen my work declares it unparalleled. The editor of then (now sadly deceased) magazine PHOTO Techniques wrote of my work, "Ctein may well be one of America's most accomplished unknown photographers." That's very flattering, but I'd like to do something about that second-to-last word. Hence, this "modest" (cough) effort at self-promotion.

I do have an international reputation as one of the premier photographic printers alive; in fact, experts at Kodak at one time declared me to be the finest color printer, bar none. I sincerely doubt that; I know printers much better than I will ever be. I'll take the compliment, anyway. For many years my printing skills have been in great demand by others. If you need custom printing done, I'm your guy.

I used to make dye transfer prints. When Kodak stopped making dye transfer printing materials (read What are Dye Transfers? for details), I installed deep-freezers in my home and took the unprecedented step of purchasing a multi-year supply of the necessary films, dyes, papers and chemicals. I finally stopped making dye transfer prints in 2014. (Now I'm strictly digital, and I love it!)

My portfolio of dye transfer photographs numbers about 300, and prints are still available. My style has been described as "landscape", but the subject matter is as diverse as my interests. There is the traditional western scenery, of course, but it happily coexists with subject matter ranging from nighttime urban architecture to the Space Shuttle, from the interiors of caves to the aurora borealis, from comets and eclipses to animals in zoos and aquariums.

What ties my work together is a consistent and coherent artistic vision. I've managed to build up a growing following among collectors and lovers of fine photography, despite very little gallery or professional representation. (I'm always interested in new representation. Anyone out there want me?)

"But," you ask, "will I think it's good art"?

The whole point of the many hundreds of hours I put in preparing this gallery was so that you could judge for yourselves. Go to The Gallery. Look at my work! Let me know what you think.

Last, but hardly least...

If you'd like to see the actual dye transfer prints, read How to See the Original Prints.



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